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Tag: parenting

Be the difference in schools today

Our local high school has lost yet another student who may have passed through your doors at one point to suicide. Recently in a local K-8 school, a child brought a knife to school and threatened another student with words I can’t imagine my children hearing in even a fictional setting just yet.

Parenting Challenges, Life Challenges

Parents are challenged everyday by their children. If you’re a parent, you know this is constant with children and truly the first thing with which they are consistent. One day you’re an adult living the life, sleeping when you can or maybe even when you want, then, bam, you are up all night watching someone just breathe. Wait, is she breathing? Maybe I’d better put my hand on her chest ever so slightly just to make sure. Now of course the ever so slightly doesn’t matter much if she isn’t… Read more Parenting Challenges, Life Challenges