Stories South of the Sun


Soak up the hot desert sun in this six-story collection of Stella Samuel’s short pieces. STORIES SOUTH OF THE SUN is a cohesive collection showing Stella’s work in children’s fiction, new adult fiction, and more mature LGBTQ fiction. “I Lost You” is an awakening thought as a woman journeys through the surreal fight to hang on to love during the toughest of battles of living and dying.

After losing first love, a young woman finds common ground with her father and later on the dance floor with another man in “Father, Mine and Someone’s.” 

As a bright and beautiful day turns a sudden pitch black, something crashes into a suburban neighborhood. Seeing through the dark in “After the Eclipse” might bring more questions than Nick and Sara need in their mundane married life. 

Treasure hunters come in all ages. Charlie’s grandfather has searched the desert for a golden in “Desert Loss.” When he invites his grandson along for the hunt, the stakes are higher than lost gold. 

After waking from a visit to the past, Zane Daven must remember a mission from an ancient god drawn into modern times in the first short featuring a not so adventurous nine-year-old boy in “Zane and the Desert.” Quirky Zane decides his fate in his quest to save the world as his friend hangs in the hands of an evil monster. 

When challenged to write a short story consisting of forty-eight paragraphs with no dialogue, Stella found her mind wandering to the desert again where “El Dorado Man” stirs up trouble as Pauly tries to escape bad deals and leave poor choices behind him.

Peek into Stella’s worlds with six short endearing, thoughtful, and exciting stories in STORIES SOUTH OF THE SUN.

Buy here – Available January 7, 2019