If you want to be a writer, you need to write. 

Writing well takes a coach and a

Writing can be a lonely task, or it can be a career wrapped in a solid foundation of support and constant learning.

In my workshops, I’ve coached young writers to create engaging content while consistently learning how to write succinct works filled with beautiful
imagery. The kids in my classes learn differences between showing and telling, passive writing and using active voices to not only tell stories but write them as well, and writing visual imagery their readers can imagine.

By the end of my children’s workshops, the goal for the kids is to have a
published work in paperback to reward all their hard work.

Coaching adults isn’t much different, except the language is often larger,
the dreams are brighter, and the questions are aplenty. When clients hire me
to help them build their dreams of writing a book, I can take each project from start to finish or simply help with early development.

The best way to become a writer is to write. If you need coaching or editing
assistance, I’m happy to work with new writers as well as seasoned authors.

Please reach out here through my contact page to discuss your project
and rates.

Then, get out there are write!