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Summer Sunshine


What do you feel when you are outside in the summer sunshine?

Sit outside and feel the warmth on your face. What does it give to you?

Do you feel more positive? Blissful? Does your energy increase? Or do you feel like you could finally relax for a moment in the middle of a busy day?

Take some time today and pause in the sunshine. Let it fill you with warm, positive energy. And then…

go do something with that new found greatness.

I love to sit outside and write. I watch my children play. I listen to the sounds of laughter fill the air. It does wonders for my mood.

Today my kids have friends over. I set up some great backyard water play for them. I looked forward to sitting outside editing, while they play. I couldn’t wait to hear the squeals of laughter as they ran through running water. Lemonade awaits them at our outdoor bar. The ceiling fans are cooling our patio, waiting to blow my hair as I sit and edit to the sounds of children playing.

Our friends got here just about thirty minutes ago.

Three kids are in the basement playing Minecraft. Two are in an upstairs bathroom doing their nails.

It’s clear to me now.

I had a plan. It involved all the beauty of warm summer air.

They need the sunshine I planned to give them!

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Busy Bee on Canva

My family has been sick lately. Summer break starts soon. It feels like winter. I am certain I am going to be sick as well soon…because germs in my house. Blah blah blah.

Stella, could you find some positive words to shine on your rainy Tuesday?

Since I’ve been busy with so much going on, I’ve been using Canva for simple messages.

I’ve shared them on Twitter and Facebook, but not here. So, today I will share the Canva messages I’ve made so far.

Do you use Canva? I think I like it! I’ve decided I need to go through my old photos from my days of photography and gather some cool photos to use. Right…because I have so much extra time to go through old files.

Your dreams are out there. Strength can be found in many places Spring2015 (2) Potential (1) makeit It's your story.... graph it, write it, If I could count the times I loved, DON'T QUIT

Sure, it’s a rainy day. Sure, I’ve had sick kids at home for a week now, and my house is falling apart, I’m falling behind on editing, I’m not ready to roll out of bed just yet – though I had to hours ago.

Today I remind myself to be positive. The world still spins. I still have a life to live, and I will live it to my fullest each day I am offered to do so.

I won’t quit.

I will make it grand. Especially if it’s a margarita.

I will always think of the people I have loved and lost when I gaze at the stars, even if it’s just to keep them close to me while I am so far away.

I will follow my dreams.

I will treasure the relationships I have, keep them growing and healthy, and let go of the ones I no longer need.

I will move forward.