Virginia is for Lovers

Nikki Ford thought she’d fall in love, but never in the town where she spent her childhood. But she did. Virginia is for lovers, after all. In 34 Seconds, she watched that love disappear. Even though she said good-bye years before, those seconds begin the toughest journey in her life: the journey of finding herself.


Virginia is also for crabs. And shrimp. And hushpuppies! I’m afraid if I write that one more time, my mouth will begin to water. Someone must deliver hushpuppies to me soon. Please.

Many people in Deltaville make their living on the water. Fishing, crabbing, and boat tours are just a few things they do to keep their Deltaville lifestyle going.


I’ve wanted to share some photos of the area before my book is released, but I haven’t taken the time to collect many. Instead, please check out this gorgeous town from a community website. Enjoy your virtual tour!

New Book is coming soon

Summer maybe…

Much of my new book is set in a little town called Deltaville, VA. If you’ve never been to Deltaville, put it on your bucket list. It’s a must see. If you can’t get there, enjoy some of the beautiful pictures I’ll be sharing over the next few months.


With only one road in and out of Deltaville, few just happen upon the little town unless that are under duress in the water.

Legend tells a story of Captain John Smith coming across Deltaville’s point in 1608. While exploring its beaches and coastal waters, John Smith was stung by a stingray. He told his crew to dig a grave as he thought he’d die right there on that point. He didn’t, of course, but he did leave a name for the point, Stingray Point.

Residents of Deltaville still say the little ‘town’ is a fishing village. People travel from miles for the seafood caught in the area waters. Folks living there will say they are lucky to be in the most beautiful village around.


Though my book only takes place in Deltaville, and I’ve taken many liberties with the village by creating roads and places that are indeed fictional, many from Deltaville will know where my mind was while writing.

Larry Chowning, however, has put together a book on the real Deltaville. Larry was a name we all knew growing up. He was at events, writing and taking photos for the paper based in Urbanna. Check out his book on Amazon.