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Last night, on my 11th wedding anniversary, I spent hours in urgent care with my oldest daughter. I stayed awake much on the night watching over her. This morning I woke to a happy little girl again. Today I celebrate her. Why bother teaching children the proper way of saying a word. Personally, I’d prefer to wake up in the morning and have a big cup of “fawkey” to wake me up before I start the day. Daughter is starting to put real words into sentences now, but I miss… Read more Celebrate

Summer Break – and those pesky kids

First day of summer break in our house. We started with breakfast, some small talk and then I kicked the kids out. I politely told them I had just spent the past nine months on their schedules. What I didn’t say was I never really accomplished any task to its fullest because I had to get in the car and take them, get them, deal with them, encourage them, teach them and entertain them each and every day. This activity, this child, oh, wait, that child needs to go here… Read more Summer Break – and those pesky kids