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Goodreads hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of 34 Seconds. The link to enter is below.

You can sign up from August 19th – September 19th.

I’m excited to be a part of Goodreads. They are my favorite place to go when I need ideas for great books to read. If you are not on Goodreads, be sure to check them out as well. You can track your reading progress, mark books you’d like to read so they are easy to find when you need a good book to read, and discover new books.

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Nikki and Will fell in love a lifetime ago in Deltaville, Virginia. Now living in Colorado with her family, Nikki is invited to attend Will’s wedding back in Virginia where she finds her past staring her in the face. Will never wanted a wife, and he broke Nikki’s heart long ago. Nikki knew what she wanted: a strong, happy marriage and children, a future. She found those things when she married Chris, and she and Will managed to grow their friendship after heartbreak. A year after the wedding, Nikki is faced with her painful past again. She soon discovers she must find the strength to help Will on his own personal journey. In thirty-four seconds, she sees him slip from her life forever. Watching Will cross over to his fate, her past collides with her present, and Nikki learns she’s never been in control of her own destiny. Her own journey back to her family in Colorado becomes one of self-discovery. With the help of Will’s voice to carry her across the country, Nikki must decide how she will move forward.

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34 Seconds by Stella Samuel

34 Seconds

by Stella Samuel

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34 Seconds Book Blog Tour

I have been so honored the past few days to be featured on a few blogs. I’m very excited to have 34 Seconds out in the world.

I’m eager to finish my next book, and I’m even more eager to get my next NaNoWriMo project started next month. But for now, I’m enjoying sitting back for a bit and sharing my writing, extra scenes, recipes that inspired my book, and life through my characters.

Yesterday 34 Seconds was featured on Shaun Allan’s blog. If you love horror and haven’t heard of Shaun, be sure to stick around on his blog and check out his work. I was lucky enough to win his latest book, Darker Places, and I’m not sure I’m ready to turn off my lights just yet.

First, be sure to check out his post sharing my latest story which takes place in Deltaville, Virginia. In this post, I share a little about this beautiful town on the coast on Virginia.

Shaun Allan’s 34 Seconds tour



I haven’t been here in a long time. But I’ve been busy polishing, networking, polishing, thinking about a glass slipper, polishing, falling down, and polishing. Call me Cinderella. I think I have silver polish deep into my soul after this process.

I was hoping Just Jules – which needs a new name by the way – would be out this year, or early next year, but I’ve learned so much lately about this self publishing process. I’m certain I’ll need more time.

I once dug a very large hole in my yard. It was over three feet deep and fourteen feet across. Someone told me before I got started to think about the amount of dirt I thought would come out of that hole, and then double it. By the time I was done, there were mounds of dirt everywhere. I could have quadrupled the amount I had in my mind, and it still wouldn’t have been close to what I actually took out of the ground.

Writing and publishing is very much the same. Double what you think. Then quadruple that. The time, the effort, the times it needs to be read, the times you will edit, your cost…all of it. Double it. Then quadruple that.

About two months ago, I began to reach out to people in this ever changing, challenging industry to help me get this book out to the world. I knew I was ready. It had been edited. I’ve had a cover for almost a year now. It was edited again. I had Alpha readers, I had Beta readers. I was ready. Only, I wasn’t. I was almost as far from ready as I could be.

After mad reading, fixes, polishing, and cleaning, scrubbing, and did I say polishing, I’m ready.

Well. Almost.

I need to go through print proofs.

I need to order print proofs.

I should ensure readers have a clean copy.

But it’s happening.

34 Seconds is coming!


Next month.


Next month.


I think I’ve nursed this book longer than I nursed all three of my children. I probably need therapy to learn to let go. I might be good since, one day, I will have to let go of real little people, not just words.

Cover Reveal!

I have been busy editing two novels these past few weeks. I was thinking this morning that editing is done, and I might need a break. Or just a nap. Or glasses maybe. Or a bottle of wine. Or decision making abilities, even.

I am so excited to get 34 Seconds out to the world! But it’s not ready just yet.

The cover is ready, however.

John Harman did my book cover. He’s very talented and does really fun polygon art, or poly art and contour designs. His work can be found at  Left Design and you can chat with him on Facebook at Sketchy Lefty Facebook Page.

Thank you, John, for this cover design!