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In Law Chronicles

I keep telling myself this was my choice. Marrying into this family…all my choice. So I shouldn’t be quite so offended, should I? I should be grateful this man asked for my hand in marriage, gave me a home, then knocked me up and made me larger than our car. We need a new car. If we don’t get one, they will strap me to the roof of the one we have – just like the dead grandmother in the movie Vacation. I know they will. She’s already told complete… Read more In Law Chronicles


After meeting her the first time, I knew I wasn’t going to have to work hard to impress the mother of the man I knew I wanted to marry.  First of all, she barely spoke to anyone, and second she didn’t seem to care much about the world around her.  So to me, that simply meant as long as her son was happy, she probably would be happy as well.  My new fiances father was pretty much the same, only as long as he had food in front of him,… Read more Chronicles