New Cover Reveal Coming!

You guys!

I cannot wait to show you the new cover for 34 Seconds.

Now. Let me say a few things. We authors…we know how much we grow in the writing and publishing process. And it happens consistently. Like children growing up, we are constantly evolving and changing. It’s a good thing. Certainly good for readers.

I originally published 34 Seconds in 2015. I am human. And I am humble. A humble human, I am. If I were to rewrite 34 Seconds today, I’d probably take out about 25,000 words and edit a few characters, dive deep into a few, cut a few scenes, and make Nikki the strong woman I want her to be.

But I’m not going to rewrite 34 Seconds. Thanks to some dear friends, I was able to make some minor changes to go along with the new cover, but these changes don’t affect the plot and still represent the writer I was in 2009 when I started writing this book. Yep…2009! I took some time off to have another baby and get that kid off to kindergarten before finishing the book. It was an extended vacation stuck at home with three kids, diapers, and shirts covered in shoulder spit-up. The formative years.

But this book is special to me. It’s my first. I’ve written a few since. And those are all going through rewrites. Some will change. Some will reflect the writer I am today, while some scenes will stay because they remind me of who I was when I wrote them. And I will keep pushing things out. Better things. Things to make you smile, laugh, and yes, to make you cry. Because I always say: I write books that make women cry. Break that down to I make women cry. It’s okay. I’ve accepted my role in the world. I make women cry.

As we wrap up July 2018 and begin seasons of change, three years since 34 Seconds was released, I will be revealing the beautiful new cover. And then I will move on asking for a launch team to gather. If you are interested in being on that launch team, please let me know here or on Facebook. As a part of my launch team, you will have access to new novels before they are released. You will carry the responsibility of telling me what you hate about characters and scenes and beg me to change them before the rest of the world reads. You will have opportunities to contribute such as naming characters. And you will be asked to share what you love and give honest reviews – even when you don’t love.

I am hoping to reveal my new cover next Friday, July 27th on a Facebook Live event. And then we move forward with the next book and carry on with our lives – because let’s face it…relaunching a book which has had no love from even its author in over two years is a humble feat.