Elizabeth River Press -Annual 2019 Submissions

Please submit payment of $20 with your submission. This secures your copy of the Annual upon release.

Annual 2019 Submission

The fee for acceptance, review, and response for a single submission is $20 per entry. Short stories should be between 2,000 – 5,000-words, flash fiction should be under 1,000 words. Art which accompanies a story can be bundled and considered one item. Only artwork which the submitter owns copyrights to will be accepted. Up to five poems may be submitted under a single fee. Poetry should fit onto a single page using column if necessary. Digital art may be submitted alone. Elizabeth River Press reserves the right to publish artwork in conjunction with a fiction story or poem or as a transition piece between pieces. A print copy of the final journal will be provided to every chosen author or artist, and a digital copy will be provided with every paid entry. A response to every entry will be provided. All works, no matter what style, should be in their final edited form. Staff of E.R.P., will not edit any work under any circumstance. At the option of the assigned judge, any work can be returned to the submitter with a request for edits, the submitter will then have an opportunity to improve the work and resubmit at no additional cost. Where possible, responses will be personalized with feedback.