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Writing often comes easy to me. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I have notebooks from when I was a child, a teenager and a lost twenty year old filled with thoughts, ideas, poetry, song lyrics and stories. What I have a problem with is change. Each time I edit, I rename my documents just so I don’t lose originality to change. I’m sure my hard drive and back up systems love that! This week I’m facing a change challenge because I hate change, because I’m… Read more Change

Busy Writing Writer Stella

I keep getting notifications from my nifty digital assistant, my phone, that I am behind in blogging. Right. I’m behind. I haven’t been here writing, because I’ve been busy writing a book. Not just a blog, but a book. I’m not addressing that anger at you, dear reader, but at whomever put those settings on my phone to beep at me every few days because WordPress hasn’t been updated. Wait….that was probably me that did that. But I’m going to go on ahead and blame technology. It’s my phone that… Read more Busy Writing Writer Stella


Last night, on my 11th wedding anniversary, I spent hours in urgent care with my oldest daughter. I stayed awake much on the night watching over her. This morning I woke to a happy little girl again. Today I celebrate her. Why bother teaching children the proper way of saying a word. Personally, I’d prefer to wake up in the morning and have a big cup of “fawkey” to wake me up before I start the day. Daughter is starting to put real words into sentences now, but I miss… Read more Celebrate


Each morning I wake up, open the curtains in our bedroom and fill my lungs with the warm air that follows the butterflies. The butterflies are in my dreams. They guide you to me each night when my eyes are closed. Before I went to sleep, I said a prayer for you. I prayed for your safety and for your return into our home. With a few tears to remind myself I am human, my heavy heart begins to fill with pride. I can’t imagine what you see each day.… Read more Soldier

Summer Break – and those pesky kids

First day of summer break in our house. We started with breakfast, some small talk and then I kicked the kids out. I politely told them I had just spent the past nine months on their schedules. What I didn’t say was I never really accomplished any task to its fullest because I had to get in the car and take them, get them, deal with them, encourage them, teach them and entertain them each and every day. This activity, this child, oh, wait, that child needs to go here… Read more Summer Break – and those pesky kids

Haven’t Seen For a While – Pat McGee

I used to run. I used to love it. Then I stopped. I stopped running and I stopped loving it. Then I tried again. And I liked it. Today I took a three mile walk on the trail I love with the sounds of life far off and quiet nature nearby. Because it’s so quiet, it’s a great place to think. If I’m running it’s a great place to just shut down and move. For some reason today I knew I was going to walk, though I probably ran about… Read more Haven’t Seen For a While – Pat McGee

Parenting Challenges, Life Challenges

Parents are challenged everyday by their children. If you’re a parent, you know this is constant with children and truly the first thing with which they are consistent. One day you’re an adult living the life, sleeping when you can or maybe even when you want, then, bam, you are up all night watching someone just breathe. Wait, is she breathing? Maybe I’d better put my hand on her chest ever so slightly just to make sure. Now of course the ever so slightly doesn’t matter much if she isn’t… Read more Parenting Challenges, Life Challenges


After meeting her the first time, I knew I wasn’t going to have to work hard to impress the mother of the man I knew I wanted to marry.  First of all, she barely spoke to anyone, and second she didn’t seem to care much about the world around her.  So to me, that simply meant as long as her son was happy, she probably would be happy as well.  My new fiances father was pretty much the same, only as long as he had food in front of him,… Read more Chronicles