About Stella

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I have notebooks from childhood, from high school and from college with poems, thoughts, stories and characters that come to life in various pieces I’ve worked on for years.

I am a wife and mother of three children and two large Saint Bernards. I enjoy reading, writing, and time outside in the wild Colorado sunshine. I discovered gardening a few years ago and love watching the wonder grow on the faces of my children as we watch our gardens grow.

Currently, I have three books in the works, but one is close to completion. I say that with humility, protection and with a sense of what writing is like grounded in a hard reality. I am a mother first. I was hoping to be finished with this almost a year ago, but here I sit with priorities that have twists and turns on the track I never saw coming. It will get done, but never at the expense of my life’s ever-evolving needs.

I grew up close to a woman I held dear to my heart and think of often. She was my grandmother. Her name was Stella. She was a riot. And I’m a lot like her. She would tell five or more stories at one time and no one could keep up with her. That amazing woman could stop talking mid-sentence, pick up on another track, different topic, and pick up right where she left off before. Sure, she left some listeners wondering where she was, what she was talking about and how to keep up with her, but I was almost always on board with her. I grew up hearing my family say to me, “Okay, Stell, we can’t keep up with you.” Anytime I would jump from one topic to the other without notice and pick up right where the first left off, someone would try to stop me with, “Okay, Stell!” Today I’m honored to carry her name into my stories. I hope she’d be honored still to call me her granddaughter.

Stella Samuel

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