Stand Up to Cancer- Or Sit Down to Read

Hey, readers, writers, and fabulous people. I don’t often ask for things around here. The dirt piles up because I don’t ask you all to wipe your shoes before coming in. Dishes are sometimes stacked because I live on wine and coffee (grapes and beans = good balance) while writing, and well…anyway… I’m sharing a GoFundMe, but it’s not about me.

It’s for Baby Willow.

She belongs to friends of ours. Her big sister is my daughter’s person – or one of them because when you’re in middle school, your tribe is larger than it might be at my age. Baby Willow is ten months old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just last week. I know I connect with people around the world, so I thought I’d share her story.

Willow’s Journey

They (don’t ask me who they is, they just go by ‘They’) say that prayers and positive energy travel across the globe. If you happen to have any glitter in your pocket, grab a pinch and toss it out there for Willow. If you have a few bucks, it’ll help. If you can click the share button, that might help as well. See? Multiple ways to help.

What I don’t know is just how hard this is though I’d like to say I do. What I don’t know is what it’s like to live in a hospital for five weeks with your family coming and going while trying to carry on with day to day life. What I don’t know is how hard these two years of chemotherapy will be. What I don’t know is how many colds fevers will occur over the years to come when Willow’s parents will wonder if cancer has struck again.

But I know this: I know this is a beautiful little girl. I know her smile is contagious. I know she is strong. Probably stronger than the rest of us. And I know when the mail starts coming in, it might look like a scene from a movie. Stacks upon stacks of bills from cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists, anesthesia, bloodwork, pediatricians, tests, the five-week use of the institutional crib…all the stacks and still the worry over Willow.

Look, GoFundMe campaigns aren’t perfect. But they help. Sharing helps. So today, as you go about your day, maybe you can think of Baby Willow.

Baby Willow – GoFundMe

And I was serious about that glitter. Sprinkle that shit all over – glitter is forever. I know this because I have two teen daughters and glitter almost as old.

Take care of one another and keep smiling.


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