Still in renovations…

Home renovations continue here a mile south of the sun. We haven’t found any dangers this week, thank goodness. The potential fire hazard in the canned lights was enough for me to deal with. We finished the demo on the rock wall, so the drywall and bump-out are all removed now. We had to reframe part of the wall where the arch was indented. He also took out three doors. Removing pre-hung doors isn’t as easy as I might have thought. But it was easy for me sitting in my chair writing and watching someone remove the trim from all three doors on both sides, then remove the frame and door. These are solid core eight-foot doors. They are not light. Today he framed one of the doorways and added an outlet near count height on what will be a new wall in our butler’s pantry. Because of that wall, we get to add more cabinets and a special space for my special Jimmy Buffett Margarita Machine. Thank goodness for that special space.

Tonight we designed our fireplace and built-ins around it. Since we are no longer stuck with what the builder put in twelve years ago, we can create something very cool.

I also starting the wallpaper removal process in our formal dining room…otherwise known as the room that stores all of the boxes we don’t know what to do with at the moment. Wallpaper.

We’ll love the home without it. It peeled rather easy from the bathroom walls. The other problem is my foot is broken. I’m on week five now, so I’m close to normal, whatever that might be for me. So I’ve managed to peel it from the surfaces in the bathroom that are all under six feet. Everything above six feet still needs to the removed, including the ceiling. But one day I will drag a ladder upstairs and drag my foot up a ladder and get it all off. The easy removal is a blessing and a curse. The glue seems to be sticking to the wall, so I need to get all of that off before we can prime it for nice paint. Good-bye, roses and butterflies. The dining room, though, is another story. If we look at the flowers plastered to the wall, they stick tighter. They know we are out to get them. And they are fighting it every inch of the way. But with the help of a wallpaper scoring tool and a spray, I was able to peel some of those hideous flowers off today. It might take me weeks, but I will get those flowers out of my house.

We have been designing our kitchen and floors lately. We are *this close* to ordering materials. If only I can decide on which ones…





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