Top Ten Tuesday – Music

I’ve had quite the month so far. I was able to spend time with friends of mine I’ve known for 22 years. Friends I haven’t seen much in more than fifteen years. We were all amazed at how time melted away. We laughed, hugged, and loved like we’d seen one another just yesterday. While they were here, and we were pretending we weren’t twenty-two years older, we got to go to an Indigo Girls show together in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve never visited Chautauqua Park in Boulder, it probably should be on your bucket list. Especially if you are a lover of time gone by, music, and great acoustics. Seating just over a thousand people, it’s an intimate, lovely place to be. Next week, one of my dear friends from what almost feels like another life, comes back to Colorado to go back to Chautauqua to see Melissa Etheridge with me. I am like a giddy school girl waiting in line for a 50 yard view of One Direction.

This morning I woke to Amy Ray and Emily Saliers plastered in various places on my social media and started my day with a smile.

So I’m doing a top ten list today. These are the top ten songs from my life as it was twenty-two years ago. When the only thing that mattered was getting just enough sleep to show up to work the next day looking like I got a few winks.

Indigo Girls – Blood and Fire

Melissa Etheridge – You can Sleep While I Drive

Indigo Girls – Chickenman

Indigo Girls – Land of Canaan

Indigo Girls – Crazy Game

Melissa Etheridge – Come to My Window

Melissa Etheridge – I’m the Only One

Kristen Hall – Peaches

New Mongrels – Climbing Tree

Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree

I had to throw the kids song in there because it was fun twenty-two years ago when I didn’t have kids. When my kids were younger, I used to sing it to them.

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