In a Year (2011)

I wrote this in January of 2011

The day I wrote this, my thoughts were filled with images of a little boy, well loved and lost. This month he’s been gone for five years. In those five years, he’s brought people together, even though we can’t see him smile anymore. People that shared in his life think of him daily.

Today, I was reminded of love again. And again of loss.

Today, I thought of Daniel. And of Daniel’s mom.

In a year, we have missed your presence, your touch, your smile and your laughter.  We have missed your tears but shed our own.  We have celebrated your life, your journey and have wondered when we will meet again. In a year we have asked people to learn from us, take lessons in pain, forgive and move forward.  We mourned many losses next to the huge hole left in our hearts three hundred and sixty five days ago.  We have held celebrations while seeing your little smile and thinking of all the things you would be doing now.  We wake each morning grateful to see the sun all while thinking of the view you have from above.  We cross our hearts, hope not to die, but instead cry deep inside.  We know our purpose here has not met its needs, yet yours was fulfilled so quickly.  We try not to think of the things we do each day that you cannot do.  We practice our arrogance thinking you are missing so much when what we don’t know is what we are missing not being there with you.  We know you’ll not climb a mountain one day as you may have dreamed, and we won’t witness your wings soaring over sights we don’t see.  But we know you are there.  We can feel you.  We look up into the bright sun’s rays and see your smiling face looking down upon us; drying our tears and pulling our hearts back up into warmth.  With your presence recognized again in a form we cannot begin to hold, we have hope.  We know you are.  We know we will be.  We have faith, and the more you allow us to feel you, the more powerful we will feel.  We can heal and understand there is no need for forgiveness to move forward.  We are used to questioning, asking why, what did we do wrong, why, and why again?   We are not used to giving ourselves away to blindness, but now that we can, you give us strength.  With each breath we take, we can feel your warmth.  With each step we take, we can feel your hand, so much stronger than it was just a year ago.  We know you are gone from us, and we hurt still from the pain left behind, but you are here in ways we never knew before.  We love you, cherish you, miss you, and can go on because you give us strength.

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