Hello Winter

Hello, Winter?

Hi. It’s me again.


Yes, Samuel.

Yes, I know.

I remember. We just spoke last week.

Of course, I know it’s January.

Oh, you’ve really only been here three weeks? Really?

Ahh, I see. I see. But you’ve settled in quite well. And rather quickly, I think.

Yes. I know. Winter. But, Winter. Did you ever notice when Spring arrives, she doesn’t unpack her bags, and jump into your frozen waters right away?

Right. Maybe when you are done here, you can let her do her Spring magic and thaw my little piece of the world, and then go away. Head north, head south, but maybe this year, you can just not come back with three more snow falls…?

Yes. March. March is also when Spring arrives. Get my point? So having our snowiest month be the same at the month that Spring arrives isn’t something I’m looking forward to.

Okay. Thank you for that. I look forward to the weekend. Maybe we can all get rid of all the frozen reindeer that have all been staring at icy ground with their little bent metal heads for the past eight weeks.

Oh. There’s more to come?

Of course I know this is Colorado! Did you forget? Colorado is the state of sunshine.

Right, what do you know about Florida? What I mean is the sunshine in Colorado usually melts all of your snow rather quickly. But I’ve been looking at the same dirty, ugly, and overly icy snow since Christmas day!

Yes. It was nice. Thank you. I love a white Christmas. But I do not like a white January 13th. Maybe it’s just me, but…well, it’s not even white out there anymore. It’s gray. And dirt colored. It’s the color of ick.

Yes. Ick. That’s what I said.

There’s no ick in summertime. Not even one ick—

Well, no, men in Speedos aren’t really my thing.

Yes, I get your point. Look…Can we compromise maybe?

I’m sure you think three weeks into your season is too soon to compromise, but I’d like to at least talk about it.

Sure. I’ll take the weekend.

Yes. I heard it might get up to 60! But I think you’ve lost the trust of your audience around here. We’ve been skating for two weeks now, and frankly we’re all a little uptight right now.

I’ll make you a deal. You melt all the snow and ice this weekend, and I won’t complain about Winter for one more month.

Yes, I know March is still coming. One month from the weekend brings us to mid-February. I’ll shut it until then…but you take a step back and let my sun come back out.

Or I may have to move to the Bahamas.

No. I don’t ski.

No, don’t really like the snowboarding thing either.

Yes, Colorado. Yep, born here. I love it here. Why do you ask?

You should give a crap if I move!

No, I don’t know why you should.

Yes. Summer is my favorite.

Because I like to hike. I like to swim. I like sunshine. I like to be outside.

Nope. Not when it’s cold.

Sure, I like the snow. I just like the Colorado sunshine that melts it quickly.

Yes. We are going in circles now.

Look. Just stop it.

Winter…just stop.

I know. You don’t care. I’ll try again next week.

Yes…I’m not done with you either!

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