Times they are a-changin’

Maybe years ago I could have played a Bob Dylan song on my guitar. I was pretty okay at a few Paul Simon songs. I wrote a lot of my own. But today I picked up my Takamine, dusted it off (yes, cry with me…my guitar had dust on it), tuned it up and started strumming.

My five year old son wanted to watch TV. He told me several times that the guitar was made from wood, then he said it was getting annoying and asked if he could watch TV.

I tossed out some lyrics this morning and wanted to see how they would sound…simple folk song. G, C, D…whatever it took to simply get it out, see if it fit on paper, in the book, and for the story.

Only times, they are a changin’. Or I have changed. I fell off the bike and don’t know how to ride again. I seem to remember things like how to strum, fingering for some chords, but I was lost in the process. I couldn’t make it around the whole block without falling over and walking the bike home again.

I need a bottle of wine. Maybe a partner. This needs to be a simple song with a certain message. It’s not the change I wanted for this book, and I seem to be battling the inner demon to change it at all.

Bottle of wine. And a partner. Or I need to be twenty years younger. Whichever happens first. I will get this song into the book!

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