After meeting her the first time, I knew I wasn’t going to have to work hard to impress the mother of the man I knew I wanted to marry.  First of all, she barely spoke to anyone, and second she didn’t seem to care much about the world around her.  So to me, that simply meant as long as her son was happy, she probably would be happy as well.  My new fiances father was pretty much the same, only as long as he had food in front of him, he was enormously happy.  They didn’t seem to care much about getting to know me or letting me know just what they thought of me…until my fiance asked them to leave his home.  They had moved in eight months prior for a short, three month stay while their house was being renovated. At six months, Lucas was becoming agitated, but being the good son, never said anything to his parents about having doubled their stay in his home. Two months after he began to wonder how to speed up the renovation process, he just spoke up one night while they were spilling food on his couch and we were getting ready to grab another dinner out. Dinners out usually meant he’d take an overnight bag to my apartment and stay with me for the night – at least.  That night I watched salsa drop onto the couch twice, chuckled a little to myself and started to head for the door when I heard. “I expect this renovation will be complete enough for you to move back into your house within the next three weeks.” Lucas took my hand and we walked out the door. 

This was the beginning of my journey on the road of insane in-laws. 

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